Acoustic Abatement (Noise Reduction)
with Dynapore® Sintered Wire Mesh Laminates

Dynapore® materials provide an excellent combination of characteristics required in noise reduction applications. Their sound absorption characteristics are enhanced by uniform permeability to flow and a geometry that helps to reduce turbulence within a desirable range of Rayl numbers and non-linearity factors.

Compared with non-metallic acoustic attenuation media, Dynapore® materials offer high strength in thin gauges, with low weight per unit area and relative ease of fabrication. In addition, the standard Dynapore® alloys offer the oxidation and corrosion resistance of the 300 Series stainless steels. Enhanced high-temperature oxidation resistance may be provided by using specialty alloys such as Inconel® 600.

Compared with other metallic media such as sintered random matrices of metal fibers or shaved metal fragments, Dynapore® offers precisely defined and repeatable geometries, and thus distinctly non-random properties and performance!

Some important applications for Dynapore® controlled permeability noise reduction media have included:

  • Inlet and exhaust duct liners in jet engines
  • Inlet and outlet duct liners in aircraft APU’s
  • Turbine pump silencers on various naval vessels
  • Silencers on air compressors, bleed valves, vacuum valves
  • Noise reduction on high-decibel pneumatic equipment
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Commercial elevator panels
  • Conical and flat noise reduction elements in hypersonic wind tunnels

MKI has designed new Dynapore® specifications that have been approved and successfully deployed on new generations of commercial and military aircraft. Our ability to design media to meet Rayl number targets (resistance to flow) with uniformity and repeatability has given MKI a strong track record in this application area.

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