A portable Nutsche Filter

Dynapore®: Sterilizable, Rugged, & Corrosion Resistant

In many fine chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the ability to sanitize or sterilize all components in contact with the product is of critical importance. These components may also be exposed to oxiding or reducing environments, thermal changes, and severe physical stresses.

In addition to these challenges, the filter medium for many chemical or pharmaceutical processes must have a uniform and consistent filter rating. These requirements make Dynapore® the ideal filter medium.

A Permanent Solution to a Complex Problem

For chemical and pharmaceutical applications, there is no better alternative than Dynapore®. Available in stainless steel, Hastelloy®, and other corrosion-resistant metals, its rugged, sintered structure is designed to withstand hostile punishing environments. Unlike Teflon alternatives that can only withstand chemically harsh environments, Dynapore® can withstand more than twice the peak temperature Teflon is rated for, and on a continuous operating basis. Unlike synthetics such as Teflon, Dynapore® has the mechanical strength to be backwashed without damaging the material. Consult factory today and see how Dynapore® can solve your problems!

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