Superior, Competitively Priced,
Chromatography Bed Support Medium

The cleanability, uniform permeability, & strength of DynaporeŽ makes it an excellent choice as a chromatography frit material, especially in diameters of 12" and up where rigidity is critical. Its diffusion-bonded structure provides several advatanges:

  • Significant mechanical strength: The permanently bonded, monolithic structure prevents the material from deforming, even under high flow volumes and pressure drops. This is a must for maintaining performance in large-diameter columns.
  • Backwashability: Unlike powder metals that build up particulate and clog over time, DynaporeŽ can be backwashed again and again
  • Fixed porosity: DynaporeŽ maintains a constant pore size with no media migration, even in physically demanding conditions such as a high pressure backwash.
  • Long service life: The combination of the above features give DynaporeŽ superior longevity, eliminating costly filter replacement downtime

DynaporeŽ chromatography frits are available in various materials, such as stainless steel (including 316L), titanium, or Hastelloy® Alloy C-22. These superior, competitively priced chromatography bed support frits are available in sizes ranging from Ř1/8 and up.

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