The Perfect Retention Media

The objective of any catalyst filter is to retain the catalyst particles to prohibit their migration downstream and to facilitate recovery for future use and regeneration. With ever-increasing production run times and the use of finer and finer catalysts, traditional isotropic, tortuous path powder metal media are no longer the optimal choice for the task. Through time, some of the finest of catalyst particles get trapped inside the porous matrix of the media. Backwashing nor a gas-assisted backpulse can free the trapped particulate, and eventually, the medium generates unacceptably high differential pressures. This of course necessitates costly filter change and downtime.

  • FCC Slurry Oil – Recovery and Removal
  • Fluidized Bed Reactors – Catalyst Retention
  • Slurry Phase Reactors – Catalyst Recovery

Gas Oil Slurry Filters (1 page, 293kb)

A High Efficiency Solution

DynaporeŽ can significantly reduce the potential for plugging. A multi-layer laminate with single-layer filtration and graded-density design means pressure drop across the medium is significantly reduced and catalyst particles can no longer become trapped and foul the media. By careful selection and sequencing of the individual layers, long-term operation at high temperature and pressure is possible with greatly reduced fouling potential. As shown in the diagram below, Dynapore is efficiently cleaned, and is rigid enough to withstand hydraulic and gas-assisted backwash and backpulse cleaning.

To solve your catalyst retention problems, please consult the factory for a Dynapore laminate, specially designed for your catalyst retention application. Call us today!

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