Fuel Gas Filtration Equipment

Filtration with Lower Pressure Drops & Longer Service Life

In most gas filtration applications, the filter medium is generally of the “depth” type. For example, sintered metal powder or sintered metal fiber are often used in elevated temperature gas-solid separation applications. These media, while having high initial dirt holding capacity can be very difficult to clean due to their isotropy and tortuous flow path. Replacement with a Dynapore® sintered wire mesh laminate can offer significant advantages owing to its “barrier” filtration characteristics:

  • Lower Pressure Drop - a thin, singular filtration layer vs. depth-type media dramatically lowers flow resistance
  • Longer Service Life - complete cleanability via onstream backpulsing eliminates need for frequent replacement due to internal plugging
  • High Flow Rates – Dynapore flow rates on average are 50% greater than typical powder metal media

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