Pulp Mold Machine

Dynapore® Mold Screen

Dynapore Improves Screen Longevity

In pulp molding machines, a slurry of paper pulp fibers is drawn onto a wire mesh screen, flash dried into a solid, and then ejected off the screen while maintaining the original shape of the screen. Common molded pulp products include egg trays, apple trays, fast food packaging, protective shipping forms, and many other uses. A single layer stainless steel wire mesh screen is generally formed into the shape of the desired part. The repeated cycle of slurry under vacuum, dry and eject results in fatigue failure of the screen over time. Since the screen is not sintered, some apertures in the screen are extremely deformed during the forming operation resulting in uneven pulp distribution or screen rejection.

Sections of Typical Wire Mesh Wear

Detailed View of Dynapore® 2-Layer Mold Screen

Dynapore® Is the Best Solution for Savings

A DynaporeŽ multi-layer laminate is sintered and fully annealed and can be formed into shallow or moderately deep forms without cracking or extreme aperture deformation . The multi-layer structure offers much greater strength than a single layer mesh and thus has a fatigue life much greater than single-layer un-sintered wire mesh. This results in tremendous cost savings over time, since downtime to change molds is significantly reduced.

Dynapore® can be customized for your pulp molding application to increase production and your bottom line! Consult factory today!

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