Dynapore®: No Media More Versatile

One of the greatest advantages of Dynapore® is its versatility and broad range of physical properties. Since Dynapore® laminates can comprise any combination or permutation of two or more different wire mesh screens, by careful sequencing and selection, a unique laminate can be engineered to control:

  • Filtration Ratings – Nominal filter ratings down to one (1) micron with the uniformity of precision-woven wire cloth
  • Surface or Depth Filtration – Single filter mesh layer at or near the surface of a multi-layer laminate for surface filtration and high backwash efficiency; Multiple progressive filter layers for graded depth filtration
  • Permeability – High permeability to minimize pressure drop and maximize cleanability, or lower permeability to promote flow uniformity over a large active filter area
  • Strength – Support layers in a multi-layer Dynapore® laminate combine to form the structural substrate and can be extremely dense and strong Dutch weaves, or strong and highly permeable square weaves
  • Corrosion Resistance – AISI type 304L and 316L standard with other alloys, e.g., *Hastelloy® C-22 available on special order.
  • Thickness - From 1 layer to 100 layers and more, Dynapore can be precision calendered to a uniform thickness

Dynapore® laminates are produced in sheet-form and can be laser or water-jet cut into Nutsch filter segments, or formed into tubular filter elements of almost any diameter. Standard Dynapore® 5-layer TWM™, SWM™ and SCM™ surface filtration laminates exhibit superior mechanical strength compared to most other competitive porous metals, and can be custom engineered to meet nearly any application requirement. Dynapore® laminates can withstand severe backwashing and most commercial filter cleaning methods. Unlike sintered powder metals with their isotropic structure and tortuous flow paths, Dynapore® surface filtration laminates have extremely high cleaning efficiencies. The unique, engineered multiple layer structure of Dynapore® offers unmatched application suitability and versatility.

Industrial Filtration/Separation Applications

*Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International Corporation

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