Martin Kurz & Company, Inc. ("MKI") was founded in 1970 by Martin G. Kurz. Our founder dedicated most of his career to the development and production of sintered porous metal structures and became one of the most influential individuals in the field. Today, MKI is well established as one of the premier names in the development and manufacture of sintered porous metal materials and products under our Dynapore® trademark. MKI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Purolator Advanced Filtration Group, Inc., a CLARCOR company.

Our commitment to quality
and customer satisfaction

MKI's commitment to process control and product quality ensure uniform, repeatable results and predictable product properties. Many custom-engineered Dynapore® materials and parts have gone from our R&D area into full-scale commercial usage without any compromise of quality or performance.

Our mission is to provide consistent quality engineered materials to our customers, while developing new products and applications to improve the future.

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