Dynapore® Structures

In addition to the standard classes of Dynapore® materials, which include diffusion-bonded wire mesh laminates, sintered porous powder metals and fiber metals, a variety of custom “composite” materials may be produced using our MKI diffusion-bonding process. In this context, by “composite” we do not mean non-metallic composite materials such as graphite fiber-reinforced matrices. Rather, we mean hybrid materials comprising different types of layers of the same metal alloy. For example a material incorporating both woven wire mesh and metal fiber layers would be referred to as a composite.

Dynapore® composites may incorporate any of the following component materials:

  • Woven wire mesh
  • Knitted wire mesh
  • Pre-alloyed metal powders
  • Fine metal fibers
  • Perforated metal sheet
  • Expanded metal sheet
  • Solid metal foil
  • Photo-etched metal foil
  • Metal slivers or chips

Examples of custom-engineered flat sheet composite diffusion-bonded structures produced commercially by MKI have included the following:

  • A multi-layer TWM™ wire mesh-type filter plate, in which the woven mesh filter layer is replaced by a layer of graded porosity fiber metal felt;
  • A cathode plate for an electrochemical reactor, comprising a perforated metal plate, many layers of fiber metal felt, and a wire mesh protective layer;
  • A filter medium comprising a layer of 325x2300 twilled Dutch weave woven wire mesh with an integrally sintered upstream layer of -500 mesh metal powder bonded to the surface;
  • A filter element with a permanent sintered pre-coat of fine stainless steel powder on the exterior upstream surface;
  • A composite of multiple layers of wire mesh alternating with solid stainless steel foil used in a heat exchange application;
  • A composite of photo-etched metal foil with fine wire mesh for use in a fuel cell application;
  • A composite of photo-etched metal foil with perforated metal.

If you have a requirement for custom engineered diffusion-bonded components, please contact our at MKI.

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