::Technical Papers::

Pore Size Measurement Using New NIST Traceable Microsphere Standards
by Dr. Graham R. Rideal

Pore Size Measurement of Sand Screens | Short Summary
by Dr. G. R. Rideal

Aperture Testing of Sand Screens Using Calibration Microspheres
by G. R. Rideal, J. Storey & T. R. Morris

Comparative Methods for the Pore Size Distribution of Woven and
Metal Filter Media

by R. Lydon-Madison, E. Mayer-Dupont, G. Rideal

Calibration of Filter Media Using NIST Traceable Reference Standards
by G. R. Rideal, J Storey

Corrosion Resistance and Predicted Fitness for Use of Expandable
Pipe Manufactured from Super-Austenitic Alloy 27-7MO

by N. C. Eisinger & B. C. Puckett
Special Metals Corp., Greg Chitwood - Halliburton

ASTM Specifications

Specialty Metal Data Sheets

Application of duplex stainless steel in the offshore industry
by Mrs. Margun Tystad

Duplex Stainless Steel - Grades

Corrosion 2004 Technical Papers:

Complete Assemblies Using Dynapore®:

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