A leader in porous metal technology

Using superior diffusion-bonding technology, MKI has become a market leader in the production of a wide range of porous metal materials. Porous metals are designed to exhibit specific characteristics such as uniform pore size or controlled permeability, while also offering the beneficial properties of the base metal:

  • Resistance to corrosion, oxidation and abrasion
  • Mechanical strength
  • High-temperature performance
  • Thermal and electrical characteristics

A world of configurations

Dynapore® sintered porous metals are typically produced in flat, rectangular sheets from woven wire meshes, pre-alloyed metal powders, micron-sized fine metal fibers, photo-etched metal foils, and perforated or expanded metal sheets. These products may be divided into classes determined by the raw materials employed, as follows:

These materials are most often produced in AISI type 304L and 316L austenitic stainless steels, but may also be produced in a variety of other metals and metal alloys. Please see our Standard Alloys and Metallurgy section for more information.

MKI can provide sheet stock of porous media to other manufacturers for further fabrication, or we can provide fabricated engineered components such as:

  • Blanked discs
  • Laser-cut flat blanks
  • Formed & welded cylindrical
    filter elements
  • Conical components
  • Large-area discs with welded
    flange rings
Please visit our section on Fabricating with Porous Metals for further information.

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