Custom Materials
Specially Designed Dynapore® Products

Any shape, size, or configuration - consult factory for details!

Meeting Your Requirements

Whether you are seeking a basic sheet stock, composites of screens, powders, or fibers, or a custom finished component, MKI has the expertise you need to produce custom materials to meet your engineering design requirements. As one of the premier names in the development and manufacturing of sintered porous metal materials and products for over 35 years, we have worked with thousands of customers to provide solutions to the challenges they've faced. Dynapore's unique properties & limitless design possibilities makes it the perfect engineered material for a wide variety of applications.

From small to large, we can custom build any design to your specifications.

Within each of our standard classes of materials such as wire mesh laminates, sintered porous powder metals, sintered fiber metal felts, filter plates, perf plate laminates, Foil-Mesh™ and other Dynapore® products, MKI can develop and produce custom specifications if our standard grades do not meet your objectives. These may include:

  • Non-standard filtration ratings
  • Non-standard thicknesses and/or sheet sizes
  • Permeabilities
  • Mechanical strength
  • Pressure drop
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to heat & cold
  • And more!

Materials can also be developed in non-standard alloys, or even in combinations of two or more different metals and alloys. For example, we have produced Foil-Mesh™ laminates incorporating copper mesh and stainless steel foil, phosphor bronze mesh and copper foil, and even stainless steel mesh on pure gold foil.

In addition, custom composite materials incorporating non-standard combinations of materials can be developed. For more details on these possibilities, please visit the following webpage:

MKI is also uniquely qualified to assist in the design and selection of porous materials for your applications. Let us help you find a material that solves your problems.

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