Particle Control Fluidizing Media

Controlled Permeability and Barrier
Filtration in One Unique Sintered Laminate

In response to the needs expressed by many of our customers, MKI has developed and now offers PCM™, a unique series of fluidizing media which offers not only controlled permeability to air flow, but also a barrier filter layer on the downstream (product) side of the Dynapore® sheet.

This series of diffusion-bonded multi-layer laminates combines the flow characteristics of our popular LFM™ fluidizing media with the barrier filtration characteristics of our TWM™ five-layer filter plate.

The purpose of these materials is to prevent infiltration and clogging of the porous medium by the particulate fines of the powder being fluidized

The Next Generation in Fluidizing Media

Dynapore® PCM™ media is particularly useful in applications where:

  • Plenum pressure is cycled on and off
  • Powder remains on the fluidizing media with no plenum pressure
  • Equipment vibration is significant

Since standard Dynapore® LFM™ media have mean surface pore sizes of 50 microns or greater, the potential exists for powders finer than 50 microns to migrate into or through the Dynapore® in the applications listed above. In certain cases, these migrating fines can plug the fluidizing medium and sharply reduce its permeability.

By laminating a series of fine filter meshes on the downstream (product) side of the medium, an effective barrier is created that prohibits particle migration into and/or through the Dynapore®. Therefore the PCM™ sheet need only be gasketed or well sealed around its periphery to preclude infiltration of the pressurized plenum by product fines. This ensures optimal trouble-free operation.

Remember also that the pressurized supply air or other gas feeding the plenum must also be dry and properly filtered, in order to prevent dust, moisture or oil from compromising the upstream plenum side of the Dynapore®. In the event that PCM™ media need to be cleaned, the surface collection characteristics ensure easy cleaning by pressure washing or backflushing.

Standard PCM™ Part Numbers

PCM™ media are available in the same standard air permeabilities as our LFM™ media: 5, 10 and 25 SCFM/SF @ 2" water column pressure drop. Particle control barriers of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 microns can be combined with any of the above flow ratings. Other permeabilities and micron ratings are available on special order.

Our PCM™ media are specified as follows:

Air Flow
{in. H2O}
Nominal Barrier
Rating {µ}
Form P/N
as Follows:
- -  

Example: PCM-10-2 denotes a Dynapore® medium with a rated permeability to air flow of 10 SCFM/SF @ 2" WC (similar to our LFM-10 or P/N 401300), and a product-face 2 micron barrier filter layer.

Standard PCM™ Sheet Size

PCM™ media are available in standard 24" x 48" sheets, and can be welded, punched and formed just as standard 3-layer Dynapore® LFM™ media. Larger butt-welded sizes are also available, as well as complete fabrication services.

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