Dynapore® Wire Mesh & Metal Foil Laminate

Foil-Mesh™ Laminate Construction & Various Applications

The Ideal, Yet Versatile Media

MKI’s proprietary molecular diffusion-bonding process may be used to laminate one or more layers of woven wire mesh to a sheet of metal foil. In the simplest case, a single layer of wire mesh is laminated to a sheet of thin-gauge rolled foil. This type of basic two-layer laminate is sold under our Foil-Mesh™ trademark, and is widely used in applications ranging from heat pipes and satellite-based ionic propulsion systems to orthodontic appliances. The wire mesh may be either a plain square weave mesh, or a micronic filter cloth. The foil may be as thin as .002” or as heavy as 16-gauge sheet.

In other cases several layers of mesh may be laminated to one or both sides of a foil sheet, or alternating layers of foils and meshes may be built up to create a compartmentalized matrix. This useful class of materials finds application in specialized heat exchangers, and in a variety of fuel cell applications. For these types of customized Foil-Mesh™ structures, please contact our sales department.


In applications wherein there is a requirement to join dissimilar materials, sometimes the adhesives that are compatible with one material may be incompatible with the other. In this case, a mesh/foil/mesh interface may be employed, where the mesh on each side acts as a lath to hold the adhesive, and the foil layer prevents chemical contact between the dissimilar adhesives.

Foil-Mesh™ laminates have also been employed in architectural settings. Used as a high-tech wall treatment, 24x24” panels of Dynapore® can provide a spectacular and unusual texture in a stainless steel finish for outstanding and distinguished design.

Please have a closer look at various specific Dynapore® Applications to get a better idea of the variety of Foil-Mesh™ materials available:

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