Five-Layer Filter Media

Versatile, durable, easily cleanable
sintered stainless steel wire mesh laminates
for gas, liquid, and polymer filtration

High Performance TWM Five-Layer Filter Media

MKI's TWM five-layer filter media are constructed using our unique calendering and sintering (diffusion-bonding) process to laminate layers of woven stainless steel wire cloth. This creates an integrated yet porous plate, and completely eliminates media migration. The particle size retention (i,e. micron rating) is governed by the choice of filter mesh; the other four layers (see diagram) are carefully chosen to protect the filter layer and to maximize strength and permeability.

TWM is manufactured to a final thickness of 1.66 mm (0.065"); if a thicker plate is required, additional layers of support mesh can easily be added. In addition to being precoat compatible, the barrier-type filtration design means that contaminants are collected near the surface of the filter, providing high filtration accuracy and complete cleanability via onstream backwashing, Unlike depth-type filtration media such as sintered powder or fiber, which suffer internal clogging and reduced permeability, the long-term reusability of TWM media means lower replacement costs and less downtime for your process, even in the most demanding applications.

Superior Features of TWM Include:

Wide Filtration Range

Eight standard filtration ratings available, ranging from 2 (microns) up to 100. TWM media with nominal filtration ratings of 150 and 200 are available on special order.


Construction of mixed AISI types 304 and 316 stainless steel is standard. All 304L or 316L stainless steel, Hastelloys, Monel and other materials available on special order.

Strength and Durability

High strength and durability due to high temperature diffusion-bonding results in abrasion resistance, no delamination, and longer usable lifetime in rugged high pressure or high viscosity environments.

Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance

Superior, equalling the parent material. Specific corrosive environments can be accommodated on special order.

High Operating Temperature

Our standard 300-series stainless steel filter media withstand up to 1000 F for continuous operation, or 1200F intermittently. Higher temperature alloys can be substituted on special order.


Fully cleanable via standard methods, including onstream backpulsing, ultrasonic or high pressure jet water cleaning, chemical processing, and high temperature hydrogen furnace heat treating. Extensive reusability results in lower replacement costs and less downtime.


TWM is easily formed, sheared, punched, and riveted. Excellent weldability using the TIG, MIG, or electron beam methods. May also be laser cut or electrical discharge machined.

Size and Avialability

From stock in sheets 24 x 48" (610 x 1220mm) and 36 x 36" (915 x 915mm). Larger sized butt-welded sheets, blanked shapes, trimmed sizes, filter elements, and custom fabrications are available on special order. MKI has the fastest delivery time, so you are up and running sooner.

Optional Alternate Constructions

MKI also manufactures SWM five-layer filter media, which have a thicker surface mesh that protects the filter layer more during forming. SWM is approximately 80% more permeable to air than the equivalent grade of TWM, and is excellent for use in, for example, medium to large diameter filter elements. SWM media is processed to a final thickness of 0.079" (2mm), and is available in the same nominal grades as TWM. For more information, see MKI's SWM Filter Element brochure.

Manufacturing Quality

TWM is produced in accordance with MKI's exacting manufacturing standards. With over 40 years experience in the sintering of woven mesh laminates, Martin Kurz & Co. is a recognized market leader in the production of porous metallic media. We are committed to providing you with not only the highest quality product, but also expert customer service, fast delivery times, and competitive pricing.

High Performance TWM Five-Layer Filter Media

TWM Filter Media Technical Data

Filtration ratings and air flow characteristics are presented in our product bulletin TWM-303. Click on the link below to download the PDF version of the bulletin or you may request to have the bulletin mailed to you by emailing your request to .

Download bulletin TWM-303

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