High strength, cleanable, easily fabricated
sintered wire mesh laminates for
gas, liquid, and polymer filtration

The Ideal Filtration Media

TWM™, BWM™, and "Perf Plate" filtration media are an extremely useful class of diffusion-bonded laminates that feature substantial mechanical strength and precise filtration characteristics. These materials are typically used in filter plate assemblies for both chemical and pharmaceutical filtration. However, Dynapore® filter plate laminates have also been used in other applications such as:

  • Acoustic attenuation
  • Flow control
  • Sparging
  • Fluidization
  • Architectural accents

Limitless Laminate Formulations

Our typical filter plate laminate construction comprises a rigid structural base support (the "substrate"), an intermediate flow distribution layer, a filter mesh, and a protective top layer. These products may be divided into classes determined by the type of substrate employed, as follows:

TWM™ Laminates incorporate two or more layers of a rugged plain Dutch weave wire mesh for a strong, easily weldable support base. Available in 316L stainless, Hastelloy C-22, and other alloys on special order. Widely used in a variety of filtration applications.

BWM™ Laminates incorporate two or more layers of heavy plain square weave wire meshes for maximum permeability and cleanability. Available in 316L stainless, and other alloys on special order. Useful in pharmaceutical processing and other applications.

"Perf Plate" Laminates incorporate a perforated plate as the structural support layer, for maximum mechanical strength. Available in 304, 316, and 316L stainless steels, as well as other alloys on special order. Used for centrifugal filter baskets, water filters in agricultural irrigation, and a wide variety of other applications.

From Sheets To Fabricated Components

MKI can provide filter plates in flat rectangular sheets, or in engineered fabricated components. These may range from:

  • Simple blanked discs
  • Complex flat blanked shapes
  • Formed and welded cylindrical filter elements
  • Conical components
  • Large-area discs with welded flange rings

For further information on fabricating with Dynapore® filter plates, please visit the Fabricating with Porous Metals section of our website.

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