Superior deformation-resistant media with fixed pore geometry

Dependable, Long-Lasting Sand Control

Dynapore® Sand Control diffusion-bonded filtration media are constructed using multiple layers of woven wire mesh. The laminates are designed to combine filtration-specific characteristics of specialty woven products with more conventional, robust woven products. The result of this optimum collaboration is a filter media that has the following benefits:

  • Broad filter media selection (micron rating) providing effective sand control, for a wide spectrum of formation sands.
  • Diffusion bonding ensures fixed pore geometry - assuring effective sand control under high operating pressures.
  • High porosity leads to lower pressure drops, and increased service life.
  • Controlled monolithic structure designed for optimum filtration (precise particle control) with superior mechanical properties.

Superior Welding Technology Results in
Enhanced Strength & Damage Tolerance

Dynapore® Premium Sand Screens have been used in some of the most abusive, erosive, and corrosive environments. For example, our ODØ5½' screens have been tested to withstand 443,000 lbs of tension or 38,626 ft·lbs of torque with virtually no effect on flow or filtration capability. The test samples' integrity & filtration abilities under these conditions were never compromised.


Our advanced welding technology make traditional "weak points" around weld areas a thing of the past; our welds are so strong that the mesh itself fails before they are damaged. Click here to see more empirical test data on the durability and damage tolerance of our filtration media.


Premium screen is available in 316L stainless steel for the stock sizes listed below, in both Plain Square and Plain Square & Plain Dutch combination weaves. Other materials, such as 304L SS or Alloy 20Cb-3, and special sizes are available on special order. Please consult factory for details.

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